¿Is there an elevator, on what floor would it be located and if towels and sheets are available? From what I've seen, is there a 24-hour service?

Yes, in Rambla 32 we have an elevator, 16 apartments distributed over 4 floors. Towels and sheets we have. We have 24-hour telephone service (urgent things).
In Rambla 3 we also have an elevator for its 4 apartments distributed over 4 floors.

¿In the two person apartment is there a balcony or is it all windows?

Depending on the floor there are apartments with or without a balcony. The premium apartments have a 30-40m2 terrace, you can see it in the photos of the facade.

¿Do you have a toaster in the apartments?

Yes, we have a toaster.

¿Is there an apartment with 2 double beds?

Room nº1 has a double bed. Room nº2 has two single beds. But in cases where we are asked, we can make the two single beds as one double.

¿Do you have free Wi-Fi?

Yes we have free Wi-Fi throughout the building.

¿Do you have laundry service?

At Rambla 32, we have a laundry on the 5th floor.

Free: If you do it yourself.

Payment: If you want us to do it for you. Consult washing and ironing rates.

In Rambla 3, you have the washing machine inside the apartment. If you want another service, check with the staff in charge.

¿Do you have parking to unload suitcases?

Yes, just in front of Rambla 32 there is a parking space reserved for NC apartments clients. Both Rambla 32 and Rambla 3 can use this parking. (Maximum 10 minutes).

If the place is occupied by other customers, you will have to wait until it is free.

It cannot be used as a permanent parking space. NC APARTMENTS, IS NOT RESPONSIBLE, if the RELEVANT AUTHORITIES PUT ANY FINE.

¿Does my laptop fit in the safe?

Yes. The safe is free and you program the code. Its format allows you to store your laptop there. (13-15″)


¿I would like to know if pets are accepted in the apartments?

I am sorry to inform you that we do not accept pets in our apartments.

¿Is there a deposit to pay?

Yes, 150€ per stay. It is returned maximum 24/48 hours from the departure date.

¿How do we have to leave the apartment?

The apartment must be left in good condition: clean kitchen, without dirty dishes or leftover food.


¿Can there be more people in the apartment than registered?

No. Only registered people can stay in the apartment.

¿Can we have a party?

Absolutely no.

Our main objective is the rest of our guests. In the hypothetical case that the management detects a party or meeting of more people than those registered, it can proceed to eviction, without the right to reimbursement of the amount paid.

¿Until what time can we make noise?

Until 11pm considering that it is a considerable hour. After these hours, be careful not to raise your voice a lot or hit hard when closing the doors.


¿Can we arrive later than check-in time?

Yes, no problem. You have to make sure BEFORE ARRIVAL, that you have the apartment number that you have reserved and the access PIN code, WE DON'T HAVE KEYS.

¿Can we pay in cash?

No, everything works with virtual POS.

¿Does each apartment have a different PIN code?

Evidently. Just as the keys are all different and open the doors individually, the PIN code of each apartment is different.

¿What doors does the PIN code open?

On Rambla 32: Entrance Door, Apartment Door, 5th floor laundry

On Rambla 3: Entrance door, Apartment door, Staircase door

¿Why don't I have the PIN code for the apartment?

This can be for several reasons:

  • You have not finished paying either the reservation or the tourist taxes
  • Registration of all guests has not been completed
  • The room is not ready
  • It is not the day of arrival (It begins to be displayed in the APP from 8 in the morning of the day of arrival)

HOWEVER, within the app, it will mark "PENDING" at the point that you have to finish

¿Can't you open the door with the access PIN code?

The access PIN code will only work from 4 p.m. on arrival until 11a.m. on the day of departure. Outside these hours it does not work.

We remind you that within the keys section APP, you also have the Wireless system, the door you choose will open only by sliding your finger. You can see a video in our technical manual.

¿Can I enter before the check-in time?

We can make an exception in Low and Medium Seasons (as long as you have not been staying the previous day), but never in High Season.

We need reasonable hours of cleaning and ventilation.

¿Can I go out after check-out time?

If the same day we have other clients enter this apartment, the answer is NO, since we have to clean it.

If there is no entry on the same day and you want to leave outside of hours, there is a supplement, depending on the time you want to leave.


¿Why are tourist taxes charged? ¿Haven't I paid it at the operator?

Because this is Generalitat de Catalunya terms, €1.10 / adult person over 16 years old / night is charged.

No operator charges this tax. Therefore, it is not included in the price. Consult the conditions of the reservation when in doubt.

¿Why do I have to register?

In Spain it is mandatory to register in all hotels and tourist accommodation. If a client does not want to register we can not accept it.

¿What happens if I don't want to take a selfie with the APP?

As long as you register with the identity document there is no problem.

The Selfie is used for the management program to tell us if it is the same person who has registered the identity document.

We comply with current data and image protection regulations.

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